540 Proform Treadmill

Reasons to exercise.

540 Proform Treadmill such a fine machine.

540 Proform Treadmill proform exercise equipment

The development and upgrades of treadmills is the best thing in fitness today. They are convenient to own and easy to use. They come in different styles, sizes and brand names.

The 540 Proform treadmill is offered at a reasonable price so it is affordable and fun to use.

Setting your fitness goals will help you select the right treadmill for you. The 540 Proform has features such as QuickSpeed control, Power incline, iFIT compatibility, Proshox impact absorption and more.

This treadmill model will help get you excited about getting in shape.

With the touch of a button you can select the speed with the QuickSpeed option and you can also select the slope with the Power incline option. The iFIT feature enables the user to digitally stream iFIT programs and mp3s from your pda.

Lots of daily exercise.

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ProShox impact absorption system enables you to reduce joint impact up to 32%. Therefore, this air-based absorption system enables the user to workout longer and burn more calories.

The 540 Proform is convenient and competitively priced. The features include a 2.75 THP/1.75 mach drive system, a 19-inch by 55-inch tread belt and a Coolaire workout fan. This really makes working more enjoyable.

The warranty the 540 Proform offers for the motor is 10 years, for parts and labor 90 days. This machine is appropriately priced and offers performance above average.

It is easy to use and offers many valuable features.

Consumer Guide gives this model an above average rating. It is important to have a quality machine to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Proform exercise equipment is good enough to give anyone an exercise workout and personal health benefits.