Road Racing Bicycles

Pounding the tarmac on your very own workout machine.

Road Racing Bicycles ; On The Wide Open.

Road racing cycles are very important because it makes the difference between winning and losing.

Road Racing Bicycles mountain bikes

A rider is only as good as his/her bicycle and there is no denying that. Sure there are tips and tricks, but the key is the design and the ability of the bike.

A good road racing bike is one that is light weight, aerodynamic design and allows for a good position of the rider.

The wheels are very important when the rider is attempting to gain the lead in a race or practice trial.

The wheels must be able to provide the most efficient ride in order for the competitor to gain lead in the competition. A light box section is most often preferred to control energy loss and time loss when travelling uphill.

Road racing bicycles have narrow tires and taller gear ratios. This allows for superior handling and speed on the pavement.

This design keeps the bike as light as possible, yet allows for the rider to have exceptional control over the bicycle.

Gearing up, for performance.

leisure cycles exercise bikes

A triple chaining crank is also popular among the racing bicycles to assist with hill climbing when the pavement changes.

This allows for the rider to keep their momentum and not lose their energy.

There are many features that a racer can choose when looking at a road racing bicycle. It depends on the comfort level and often personal preference of the rider.

For some, they will enjoy additional things or more gears on the bicycle, while others prefer to stick to the limited gears, allowing them to crank the pedals for better speed!

One brand that you might want to check out is Trek bicycles an innovative and quality make for the bike enthusiast.

Also remember the vast array of cycles, from mountain bikes to regular leisure cycles. All are what we would call exercise bikes, as your working out, and not even realizing it.

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