Fitness Exercise Program

A Fitness Exercise Program – time to get busy.

If you have decided to commit yourself to a fitness exercise program, our hats are off to you, indeed. You are taking the first steps toward becoming a better person with a leaner, meaner and healthier body.

fitness exercise program for you

Keep in mind that exercise boosts brainpower and improves mood on one hand as well aids in weight loss, tones muscles and skin, and strengthens the immune system on the other hand.

But as noble as your intentions may be, there are a few steps that must be accomplished before making the first physical movement on a fitness exercise program.

These steps are essential to keep your body safe from injuries, to condition your mind for the challenges ahead and to ensure success in your adoption of the exercise component of your fitness plan.

Ask Hard Questions.

The best fitness exercise program is one that's tailored for your age, physical condition, health goals and lifestyle.

Yes, the more personalized your exercise plan is, the higher your chances for sticking to it and the greater your enjoyment of the benefits that exercise brings into your life.

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But you must ask yourself more than a few hard questions to ensure safety from injuries, inflammations and illnesses while you are exercising.

  • Are you physically ready to take on the challenges of the exercise program? Are the planned exercises suitable for your age and physical condition? Do you have any underlying medical conditions with symptoms that can worsen with the exercises?
  • The best person to answer these questions in relation to a fitness exercise program is your doctor.

    You will then be advised on the types of exercises to adopt as well as the intensity, frequency and duration of these exercises.

  • Are you mentally ready? Yes, your mind is as much a part of the exercise program as your body. To make yourself ready, we suggest thinking positive through the ups and downs of your journey; looking into yourself for motivation instead of relying on others; and cutting yourself some slack.
  • Guarantee Success.

    When you have answered "yes" to the first two questions, your next step is to guarantee success in the achievement of your goals for the fitness program.

    To do this, we suggest the following steps:

  • Set smart goals - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. You must set both short-term and long-term goals but whatever these goals may be, you have to make sure that these are yours and yours alone.
  • Keep a record - You will be able to monitor your progress and, in the process, gather motivation for how well you are doing for yourself.

    Plus, records are also a way to let your personal trainer as well as your doctor determine where you stand in relation to your previous condition. Changes can then be made to the program to account for such changes.

  • Get support - You will find that fitness can be a family affair while friends will also give their support for your health goals. You can even become exercise buddies with your boyfriend or your best friend.
  • The success of the fitness exercise program will depend first and foremost on your determination to stick to it coupled with the assistance, support and love of your doctor, personal trainer and family as well as friends.

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