Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise – do you know what they are?

If only more individuals will know, understand and accept the numerous benefits of aerobic exercise, we can hope to see man's quality of life and life expectancy increase by leaps and bounds.

benefits of aerobic exercise

We don't even have to invest in expensive gym memberships, equipment and machines just to reap these benefits for ourselves since aerobic exercises can be performed with just our body weight for resistance.

How These Benefits Start.

But before we discuss the benefits of cardiovascular exercises, let's first know how physical activity affects our body.

As you walk, run or bike on a brisk pace, you will be breathing faster and deeper often with the feeling that your heart and lungs are about to burst out of your chest. Such pace of breathing increases the blood flow to the muscles, bones and skin and then back to your heart and lungs.

This is where the benefits of aerobic exercise at the cellular level start to manifest themselves.

Greater levels of blood, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to various parts of the body while higher amounts of waste products like carbon dioxide, lactic acid and even toxins are eliminated.

Other chemicals that contribute to feelings of well-being are also released including our body's natural painkillers and mood boosters.

health aerobic exercise benefits

What These Benefits Are.

Of course, the long-term benefits of cardiovascular exercises can only be enjoyed with regular sessions over an extended period of time instead of just a few days.

But the short-term benefits are immediately enjoyed such that you will be motivated to pursue your customized exercise program.

Think of the following benefits of aerobic exercise building on each other's gains.

  • Weight Loss - Exercise is one of three components of effective weight loss with the other two being a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is because aerobic physical activity burns calories, melts fat and improves on the resting metabolic rate. If you continue with your exercise program even after you have lost weight, you are more likely to keep off the pounds, too.
  • Stamina - As you engage in cardiovascular exercises, you will observe that tiredness sets in later and later than usual. You are slowly but surely developing higher levels of stamina, endurance and strength, which will prove useful in daily life. For example, you can now engage in more activities than before instead of always feeling tired. Indeed, the benefits of aerobic exercise extend beyond looking good in a bikini.
  • Health - Exercise also lessens your risks for chronic degenerative diseases like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and heart diseases. In many of these cases, you will even be advised to exercise to manage the disease. Your immune system becomes stronger, which means that your body is better able to fight off bacteria, viruses and other germs.
  • Aging - Since your muscles, bones and joints as well as skin are stronger with exercise, you can delay the signs of aging from taking its toll on your body.
  • Mood - Exercise releases endorphins, the happy hormones, such that you feel happy after running, walking or biking. You will even notice that your mental skills are better mainly because your brain cells are healthier.
  • You must make a strong commitment to enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise. Start exercising today for soon all of these benefits will be yours to have and to cherish.

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