Diets dont work.

What’s going wrong?

Diets dont work and they fail for a number of reasons.

We all know someone , maybe its ourselves who have tried the new fad of dieting and perhaps succeeding for a while shedding the weight, only to have it all come back a few months later.

Diets dont work weight reduction

Some diets are born to fail, you have seen the ones where you eat a bowl of some miserly soup, perhaps it’s a pill, or your to drink a shake that has all your nutritional requirements, and you don’t need anything else.

When doing so your starving the body, and sending signals back saying when you do start eating normally again, the body will begin its instinct of survival and store that fat – so it’s even harder to shift the second time around!

No matter how glossy the brochure, advert or sales pitch those types of diets should be avoided. Quick fixes don’t work. These types of Diets dont work.

So what diet does work?

Well believe it or not, there’s no real secret why Diets dont work; the ones that succeed in keeping weight off are the diets that make you count calories, and eating sensibly.

You are given points, or values of what each item of food has, and you can decide what to eat in a day, and have a maximum calories intake for the day.

Often they are clubs, so you have an incentive when being weighed at the end of the week. This gives you a definite goal to achieve, and there is a sense of camaraderie too.

lose weight count calories

But some prefer to do this alone, and that’s fine too – but still give yourself a goal or a date to lose “x” amount of weight by such a date. (don’t make it un-achievable, as you’ll lose heart).

Also when you combine this with regular exercise, (even walking the dog), you will keep the pounds off and lose weight.

Never follow a diet, where you have a taboo food.

No cake, chocolate etc. the more banned something becomes the more you’ll crave it, and want it!

Have ANY type of food you want, but just remember the value of a slice of cake, and the calories within it. If you eat cake you may have to forfeit something else, to bring your weight-reduction back in line for the day.

Also Diets dont work because you HAVE TO STICK to your exercise and diet regime. One day is fine to take off, but when it becomes a week, you have to take a long hard look, and think what you’re doing. Are your goals too high? Have you weakened? Time to re-think and re-plan, you can still do it.

For some they will be too obese for exercise to be any good, and surgery may be needed. Also for these larger individuals, there may be psychological hurdles to be breeched before an exercise program can resume (after surgery).

You can do it, and life CAN get better.

It would be great if we could take a pill and hey presto! all the weights gone in the morning, but that’s never going to happen no matter how much we want it to. Yep faddy Diets dont work.

Watching your weight, calorie counting and exercise, might seem dull, but don’t despair – get interested in your own health, and you will be surprised by the slow and ever increasing benefits as the weight drops off.

There’s great ways to lose weight, which can NOW be fun – ie: dancing to music, treadmills, bikes, using the latest game technology for the home, and great food that’s tasty and low in fats.

True you’re going to need will power and lots of it, but when you set out on your bumpy journey, be sure you get on the right program, and one that’s going to encourage you, not discourage you from losing weight.

Remember – if it’s fun you’re more likely to stick to it; if it’s not you’ll fall by the wayside, so make it fun!

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