Trek Bicycles – a brand apart

The History Of Trek Bicycles.

The history of Trek bicycles is a hot topic because of the popularity of their bikes.

Trek Bontrager bicycle for roads

With a great reputation many bicyclists want to know more about the manufacturers of their love of the hobby.

Trek began making frames in 1976 and it was not for a few years that they began manufacturing the complete bicycle to the public. After word got around about the stability, durability and comfort of the Trek frames it didn’t take long before they were extremely popular for a variety of purposes.

Today Trek owns several other brand names and provides their superior design and quality to numerous bicycles every year. Trek has acquired the brand names of Bontrager, Fisher, Klein and Lemond.

In the past several years Trek has changed the history of Trek bicycles and began making their frames from aluminum and composite materials instead of steel. Trek still produces some of the steel frame bicycles for those that prefer them, but the majority of frames have been changed.

The early bicycles made by Trek had silver brazing that allowed for better cohesion and stability of the frame. With the move away from the silver brazing it allows for a more affordable bike, because the production costs are reduced. The durability or stability is not compromised at all and in fact the bikes are as strong as ever.

That is one of the things that separate Trek from other brands, the durability of their bicycles. There are many models ranging in sophistication, purpose and features to choose from. Depending on what you are using the bike for and the amount of comfort that you are looking for will determine the amount of money that is spent. Now you have a little bit of history of Trek bicycles !

Trek Lime Bicycles For The In-Crowd.

If the in-crowd or popular thing tickles your fancy the Trek Lime Bicycles should be the item for you.

Trek Lime Bicycles for fun riding

Not only are Trek Bicycles great for exercise they also double for a functional transportation method. This bike comes with choices of colors for the seats, chains and a few other appearance enhancers. Most of this type of bike comes in the lime color, but there are others available if the person desires.

The Trek Lime bicycle can generally be purchased for around $500, which is a great deal for the quality of this bike. The design is such that the rider can have a comfortable ride. There is no need for the changing of gears or trying to find a comfortable level of resistance because the bicycle adjusts to the pedaling level of the rider.

One of the best features of the Trek lime bicycle is the convenience of the bicycle seat. The seat actually raises up to revel a hidden compartment! This is a great way to store or carry items that a cyclist would not normally be able to carry on a bicycle. Items such as cell phones, wallets, keys or other things can be stored easily. Unless another person knew the hidden compartment was there you could actually hide the items while you ran in the store.

This bicycle is excellent for those wanting a hip bicycle that has a range of colors. Customizing the colors of the bicycle is a great way to incorporate your tastes in color! The Trek lime bicycle is very popular with teens and younger individuals also because of the trendy style.

Our Review Of Trek Road Bicycles – The Reputation of The Best.

The Trek road bicycles are known for their exemplary performance, quality parts and great reputation.

the trek 6500 2010 bike

Most every review of Trek road bicycles that has been written have told the tale of a wonderful bicycle ready for competitions, pleasure or simply the prestige of owing the name brand.

The high quality of the material in Trek Bicycles provides a smooth ride that dampens any road vibrations. This is a much more comfortable ride and is all attributed to the design and materials that are used to build the frame of the bike. There is never a worry of breaking down or the bicycle leaving you stranded on the side of the road. They are of superior quality and the money that is paid out is well worth every penny.

Most of the Trek road bicycles are designed around racing quality, but have a slightly different design. The handle bars of the Trek road bike are sometimes slightly higher allowing for a better control and more stable ride. The rider’s ability to be comfortable and control the bike makes the difference in speed as well as performance.

The Trek road bicycle has been well known for years and not many have never heard of the famous brand. Most long to own a bicycle with the Trek logo because of the superior quality and design. Finding reviews of Trek road bicycles are not difficult as they are prevalent on the internet. Even the competition boasts about the excellent quality, design and attempt to exceed the reputation of the Trek brand.

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