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It is no surprise that treadmills are the most popular at home exercise machine. These machines are used in cardiologists' office as a form exercise treadmill stress test.

Treadmills are an efficient and effective way to strengthen the legs and the torso and condition the heart and lungs appropriately. Treadmills are the number one favorite cardiovascular exercise machine in North America.

Having a treadmill in your home will benefit you in several ways. First, owning a treadmill will save you time and money on going to health clubs and paying a monthly fee.

You can simply exercise in your own home on your time and not have to worry about anyone looking at you. Secondly, you will provide yourself with the opportunity to exercise more frequently if the treadmill is looking right at you.

Third of all, by using the treadmill, you will receive the appropriate cardiovascular exercise that you need to keep yourself safe from heart disease. Treadmills help prevent one from getting heart disease by supplying the heart muscles with regular exercise which in turn allows your heart to beat more strongly and less frequently.

For the good of your general health.

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When you are ready to go to your cardiologist to receive your annual treadmill stress test, you will see the difference in how you feel and how your body handles stress.

If your having a yearly health and fitness checkup, don’t be afraid of the electronic test equipment, its designed to help. And should the docs test equipment bring back the result you weren’t hoping for, don’t fret about it, you just have to begin at a slower pace that’s all.

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