Nautilus Free Spirit Exercise Treadmill

Nautilus exercise equipment and your buying power

The Nautilus Free Spirit Exercise Treadmill its quality fitness and exercise equipment.

nautilus free spirit exercise treadmill

The Nautilus treadmill is available through the Sears department store. There are other manufacturers of the Free Spirit treadmills, but those, too, are exclusive to Sears Canada.

When shopping for your Nautilus Spirit exercise treadmill, do some research online first. Many websites like the “Treadmill Doctor” offer good advice towards your treadmill buying decision.

A number of factors should be determined when buying a new treadmill. Where will the machine be stored? Do you have enough room for a comfortable workout?

Are the machine and its working parts suited to your level of workout intensity? A lesser quality motor and running deck will not withstand the repeated pounding and use of a serious runner, who plans to use the machine daily.

Nautilus Free Spirit exercise treadmill machines range in price from just under $1000USD to well beyond $2500USD.

Nautilus fitness equipment: Such variety!

fitness equipment Canada fitness equipment financing

Some of the more expensive machines offer a longer running track, a continuous-duty motor, and a variety of controls including both speed and incline controls. Most also include a heart rate monitor and chest strap.

The top-of-the-line Free Spirit treadmill machines have 3.25 continuous-duty motors, they conveniently fold for storage, they have a cushioned running deck, a weight capacity rating for nearly 400 pounds, and they even include fans and a speaker system.

But these fancy machines cost nearly $3000USD.

Be sure to try out your new Nautilus Free Spirit exercise treadmill before purchasing.

Like a good pair of shoes, new exercise equipment like a treadmill, must fit well, and serve its user’s unique workout requirements.

So when looking at fitness equipment Canada, and indeed fitness equipment financing, buy wisely and seek some advice on your own abilities. Then your new mill will be a breeze.

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