Roller-Skating for Exercise Fun and Health

by Laura

I always had trouble finding an exercise routine that worked for me. Exercise is not usually fun. So I would never stick to anything for long. Week after week, year after year, I was still over-weight and unhealthy.

This was until I got the idea to start roller-skating. I would get bored of walking or jogging around the neighborhood. I got bored of all the exercise videos I had. But when I decided to start skating around the block, I started to have fun with my daily exercise routine. This helped me to stick with it.

Now I've lost most of the weight that I wanted to lose. I'm healthier and happier. I have my shape back. I can keep up with my three-year-old daughter now, and we have more fun together.

The secret to exercising is to find something that you would enjoy doing. Make it fun. When I was young, I used to love to go roller-skating. Now, I'm bringing back my youth in more ways than one. I definitely feel much younger. I also look younger and act younger.

So, if you are having trouble sticking to an exercise routine, keep trying new things until you find something that makes it enjoyable for you. This way you will be more willing and able to stick with the exercise routine. And we all know that exercise is necessary for good health and longevity. Without exercise, we just waste away. That is what I was doing before I found roller-skating, again.

I had bought my first pair of skates in about 20 years. Only way back when, we had what are now called quad skates. When I bought these skates, I decided to try the in-line skates. It was a new experience.

I was a little nervous at first. But, I kept remembering how I used to love to skate. The new style skates not only made it fun, it made it challenging to learn something new. This only prompted me to want to learn this way of skating. It gave me incentive.

Now, at the end of the day/week, I'm not berating myself to not sticking to an exercise schedule. Now, I look forward to the next time I'll get to skate. :-)

I hope you find something you love too!

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